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Upcoming - Power BI & Azure Machine Learning Classes

Excited to Teach New Microsoft Software Programs — PowerBI.com & Azure Machine Learning


Hi! Jim Hudson -- oaktreestaffing.com. Microsoft has two softwares that we at oaktreestaffing.com are so excited about: Azure Machine Learning and Power BI.

Stunning Visualizations in Reporting Through PowerBI.com

PowerBI.com is a cloud-based reporting software that will allow you to consume data from almost anywhere and generate cloud-based reports that you can then share with your colleagues. These reports come with so many exciting visualizations. You have tree maps, you have geographic maps, you have the ability to use slicers and report filters. You have bar charts and stacked bar charts and you can even embed your own R statistical code. Plus, you can go to the gallery and get your own visualizations or even write your own visualizations and use these visualizations in these reports and then turn around then publish them where anyone with the appropriate credentials can go and view your reports. You can consume data, even in this cloud-based software, from virtually anywhere -- from Azure SQL Databases all the way down to a CSV file on your desktop.

Predict the Future With Azure Machine Learning

The other software that we're so excited about is Azure Machine Learning. Azure Machine Learning is artificial intelligence in a box. You can go to AzureML.net and get a free account. You can use this account to connect widgets that allow you to do logistic regression or classification or any one of a number of artificial intelligence statistical algorithms and be able to produce to predict the future based on past performance. If you have historical data on people, on things, or events, you can, as one author said, predict who will lie, buy, fly, or die. We're really excited about these new softwares and what they can for our customers.

We're putting together classes and teaching classes on these exciting new softwares that really will give you a leg up over your competition in the business world Jim Hudson -- oaktreestaffing.com

Interested in learning Azure Machine Learning or Power BI Reporting?

Drop us a line and let us know what your team is interested in learning! 

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